How to Ensure Successful Remedial Wall Ties Installation

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Business

There are several reasons why you will have to consider installing remedial cavity wall ties. The present wall ties may be corroding causing weakness and cracking which can eventually lead to collapse. Poor supervision during construction can lead to installation of cavity with varying widths or ties being omitted which can result in a poor embodiment of the tie.

Which is the Best Remedial Cavity Wall Tie?

It is important that the proposed wall tie be chosen with lots of care. Building materials are known to vary and having a wall tie that is suitable for a timber framed home might not work properly in a house constructed from concrete or brick.

Remedial Ties are Available in Several Types

* Specialized starter model ties for installation in exposed walls

* Frictions fix and screw in types.

* Mechanical Ties

* Grouted or Resin bonded ties Grouted sock anchors

Before making any choice, here is vital information you will need

* The width of the cavity and of every skin

* The materials used for outer and inner masonry skins

* Any other special consideration such as enhanced fire resistance, exterior coatings and existing cavity wall insulation.

The Number of Wall Ties You Will Need

This will be determined by the width of the cavity ties, wind exposure of the building and the masonry width. It is advisable that one gets advice from a qualified structural engineer or a wall tie specialist.

All the remedial wall ties in Brighton will require tools and equipments that will ensure they are correctly installed. You will have problems when you use wrong size drill bits or you fail to clean holes that are destined for a resin fix. Another common cause of failure is not using the right setting tools, blow out pumps or drive tools at the tender or planning stage.

At CavityTech Systems Ltd, we are fully qualified in damp proofing, timber treatment and health and safety. We also undertake remedial surveys.

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