How to Receive Exceptional Service for Your VW at a Reasonable Price

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Automotive

It can be challenging to find affordable services to help maintain the quality performance of your automobile. While a dealership garage can provide extraordinary service that meets the manufacturer’s specifications, they also come with a high price tag. To keep an automobile functioning properly, it can be worth the investment to pay the extra expense. However, there is a more affordable solution available when you select an independent garage that supplies VW car servicing in Newton Abbott. With the right garage, you can receive the same quality of workmanship at a more reasonable price.

How to Find the Right Garage

* You should search for a well-established company that has built a reputation for providing extraordinary service.

* Their technicians should have the training required to provide VW car servicing in Newton Abbott.

* Is the garage certified to work on the automobile and what type of certification do they have?

* Do they have access to the latest equipment available to test your automobile to fully diagnose any current or potential problems?

* What type of services does the garage offer their clients? Do the only work on specific problems are do they offer comprehensive services to help keep your car performing efficiently?

Select a Company that You Trust

A car is a valuable possession and you want to know the garage you select can provide the services required to keep it functioning properly. Monnington Motors is a well-established independent garage that offers dealership-level service to their customers. They are approved by Bosh Car Service as a reliable company that meets their code of practice. With over three decades of experience, their skilled technicians will inspect your automobile to determine if there is a problem and how to solve the issue for you at an affordable price.

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