How Your Elderly Loved One Can Benefit from Long-Term Residential Care

Posted By Albino Alameda on Jun 9, 2023 |

How Your Elderly Loved One Can Benefit from Long-Term Residential Care

No one ever wants to think about a loved one not being able to live on their own and care for their self any more. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that people age and eventually a time comes in their life when they require additional care. Whether they suffer from dementia or their mobility is limited, elderly people often require assistance in completing various daily tasks. One of the hardest decisions their family will make is what to do when their loved one can no longer care for their self. Residential care in Devon offers a solution by providing senior citizens with a comfortable place to live and access to the medical care team they require.

Reasons to Consider a Long-Term Facility

* An elderly loved one can obtain a private apartment that allows them to live independently with certified staff on-site to assist them.

* They will reside in a home that places them with other individuals their age and provides plenty of opportunities to socialize.

* Home cooked meals are prepared each day to ensure your loved one is receiving a nutritional diet.
Various activities such as day trips are offered to keep your loved one active.

* You gain peace of mind knowing your mom, dad, sibling, or spouse is safe and receiving the specialized care they require.

Comfortable Homes and Stunning Scenery

At Torr Home, their primary focus is to meet each clients’ specific needs to ensure they are living a healthy and happy life. Residents can enjoy the beautiful landscaping provided on three acres and the ability to return to their private living space. Clients have access to spacious gardens to enjoy, an on-site hairdressing service, library, and various other features to enhance each residents’ living experience. They provide highly-trained and compassionate staff focused on delivering the support and care their clients deserve.