Important Information about Double Glazing

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Doors and Windows

Double Glazing your windows in Edinburgh offers a great way to save energy, while minimising outside noise. However, prior to installing this type of window, there are several things a home-owner needs to understand. The information here will help you easily determine whether or not double glazed windows are the right option for your home and needs.

What does Double Glazed Mean?

A double glazed window is one that has two glass panels in the same frame, separated by a small amount of space that is filled with air or some type of nontoxic gas. A common gas used for this is argon. The two glass panels should be separated by a space that is 20 millimetres apart to provide maximum efficiency.

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

There are a number of benefits offered by double glazed windows. One of the most significant and appealing is the insulation properties they provide. A double glazed window can help to minimise the heat lost from a home during the winter and the innermost panel of glass will remain extremely close to room temperature. This means that virtually anyone sitting close to a window will feel more comfortable. Additionally, for homes that use a convection heating system in the home, double glazing will help to prevent the loss of heat from the upper parts of a home.

During the summer double glazing is also beneficial. It can help to minimise the amount of heat entering into a home. It will also help to reduce the total amount of radiated heat gain. The insulation properties offered by double glazing are so significant that there is a good chance your heating and cooling costs will be reduced once these windows are installed. You can visit here to get more information.

For home-owners who are replacing their older windows and concerned that they may not be able to get newer windows that match, they don’t have to worry. There is a vast array of double glazed windows in all types and styles available. These are also available with a number of different types of glass, making them much safer than the traditional glass windows if they become broken. Also, double glazed windows offer more security than the traditional windows in homes.

Take some time to find a reputable supplier in order to have quality double glazed windows installed in your home. When you do this, you will be able to reap all the benefits highlighted here.

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