Important Signs That Will Tell if your Garage Door is in Need of Repair

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Garage Doors

Garage doors are used on a daily basis although people rarely take time to inspect and examine their performance and condition. Most people are known to focus on the huge moving object when there is something wrong. Carrying out regular inspection will help tell if a garage door is in need of repair. Here are important signs to look out for when inspecting your garage door for repairs.

1. It Fails to Open or Close

This is one main sign that your garage door is in urgent need of repair. There are several reasons why your garage door can fail to open or close, it can either be due to misaligned sensors, faulty wiring and more. Before you hire professional garage door repairs in South Wales, it is advisable that you first check that there is nothing blocking the doors or in the way of sensors.

2. Slow Response Time

You need to monitor how long the doors of your garage take to respond to the commands. The door is supposed to open or close within a few seconds after you have pressed the command. It should then open or close without any hitch or delay. In case there is any delay, it can be a sign that there is something wrong with the opener or the door.

3. Makes a lot of Noise

A garage door producing noise when it’s being opened or closed can be as a result of the door opener, worn rollers or loose hardware. Although there are simple fixes to such issues, it is advisable that you always keep your ears open to such noise and have it fixed immediately.

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