Increase Home Value and Space with Basement Waterproofing in Brighton

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Just because you live in a small property, doesn’t mean you have to struggle with space issues. The basement is a part of the home that often gets neglected. With a little bit of investment and home improvement, a basement can be transformed into another bedroom, living room or even a bar! Before you start painting, introducing furniture and beautifying the walls, consider paying for basement waterproofing in Brighton. A sure fire way to reduce energy costs, basement waterproofing will preserve your home and protect your investment.

Increase Usable Living Space

Whether you want to house guests comfortably or provide existing members of the household with more space to socialise, entertain and relax, basement waterproofing in Brighton will be a worthwhile investment. Usable living space can be maximised, depending on the square footage of your basement. Once the area has been waterproofed, there is a lower chance of excess moisture making its way into the home, so you don’t have to worry about potential mould and bacteria problems.

Spend Less on Energy

The less money you spend heating the home, the more money you will have to spend on home improvements that could increase property value! It’s not just the fact that less money will be spent on energy following basement waterproofing in Brighton that appeals to property owners but also, the fact that basement waterproofing improves insulation. A well-insulated home that has lower humidity levels won’t need to be heated or air conditioned as much, meaning that your bank balance and the environment can be protected in more ways than one.

Avoid Long-Term Health Risks

If you have been suffering from a runny nose, watering eyes or breathing difficulties, there is a high probability that your home is damp. Damp problems can cause a lot more than structural issues. Aside from the fact that moisture will cost you money for repairs, when water enters the home it will also accelerate the speed of mould growth. Spores, when inhaled, will contribute to asthma, allergies and a wide range of respiratory problems. Tens of thousands of people living in the United Kingdom will deal with long-term health risks simply because they failed to pay for basement waterproofing in Brighton, so don’t let yourself be one of them.

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