Joiners in West Sussex to Make Your Vision a Reality

Posted By admin on Oct 31, 2017 |

Joiners in West Sussex to Make Your Vision a Reality

When you have a vision for your space that requires expert craftmanship, joiners in West Sussex are the experts that you need to reach out too. There is a bit of confusion when it comes to whether you may need a carpenter or a joiner to manage some of the finer detail work in your home or business. While every joiner has the potential to be a carpenter, not every carpenter is a joiner.

Why You Need a Joiner

While both carpenters and joiners are both part of the construction industry and both work with wood, there are some key differences that make joiners a better choice for bespoke results. Carpenters typically work on-site during construction projects while joiners “join” the wood in a factory or off-site then bring it to the construction site. Joiners offer bespoke results while carpenters are more concerned with the construction project itself:

Joiners: Make doors and window frames

Carpenters: Install doors and install window frames

Joiners: Build cabinets, stairs, fit furniture and more

Carpenters: Install cabinets, install stairs

If part of your vision includes custom cabinets, custom counters, ornate stairwells or any other project that involves bespoke joinery, then it is a joiner that you need. Visit here for more information.

Great Results

There is a process in getting the great results that you want for your property. The first step in the process is the design process. A joiner will have the skill set to take your idea, put it on paper than construct from there. The right firm will be able to create the space that you are hoping for using their finely-honed skill set. When you have a vision for your space and you are not sure how to make it a reality call a joiner! J & N Joinery has the solutions you need to make your vision come to life.