Keep Your Basement Dry by Calling the Professionals

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Ask anyone the value of having a home, and they’ll most likely tell you that it’s a haven against the elements. This is why, from the beginning of time, people have carved out shelters for themselves to keep warm and dry. Nothing is more disturbing to the homeowner than having water get in to a safe environment. A leaking roof or a bay window that needs proper waterproofing can be the bane of your life. Then there’s the basement, which is so often the cause of damp.

It stands to reason that a basement would be the most vulnerable space in the house as it’s usually below ground level. Thus, you need to have taken excessive care to ensure that the water that will settle around the foundations doesn’t penetrate the walls of the basement. A damp basement is depressing to the soul and will mean that you won’t want to spend any time there. Not only will the atmosphere feel muggy and chilly, you’ll probably find that mould starts to form on the walls and on your possessions. This is definitely a situation you want to avoid.

Making certain your basement is waterproof

There are some basic steps that can be taken before you look at the bigger issues. Firstly, you need to check on the perimeter of your home carefully. It often happens that soil settles around the foundation of your home, so the ground slopes slightly towards your house. This needs to be changed so that it slopes away from the walls. If possible, try to get the ground to slope away fairly steeply, to ensure a good run-off of water. Also, check any gutters to make certain that the water discharge is five feet or more away from your foundations. Also, avoid having plants and shrubs right next to your foundations as their roots can direct water to your basement. These simple steps will prevent unnecessary water from reaching your home. Visit here for more information.

Waterproofing solutions

Inside your Eastbourne home, basement waterproofing can take place through solutions such as installing membranes, along with specific wall coatings. There are products that aren’t water sealers, but which provide waterproofing. These products will bond with concrete and will greatly assist in preventing moisture from seeping through walls. It also helps to repair any cracks in concrete walls to keep water out. Injecting various epoxies into these cracks could be a solution to your problem. If, however, you have an issue with groundwater under your basement floor, and if the base of the walls is under pressure from groundwater around the foundations, the chances are that you’ll need a more lasting solution.

For effective basement waterproofing in your Eastbourne home, you need professional help. Contact Cavitytech Systems Ltd to speak to one of their expert technicians.

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