Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Windows with Secondary Glazing

Posted By admin on Aug 8, 2017 |

Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Windows with Secondary Glazing

Do you live in a noisy area? Are you windows not insulating your home like they should? Chances are you need secondary glazing in Livingston. Secondary glazing is the perfect way to have your windows treated without changing the original aesthetics. It doesn’t matter how old your windows may be or the exact style, they are perfectly suited for secondary glazing. This type of glazing is perfect for period properties and areas where conservation is important. When you aren’t allowed to replace your windows, or have them double glazed it’s time to call window specialists that can offer you secondary glazing services.

Reduce the Noise Coming from Your Windows

One of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to reduce any noise coming through your windows is to use secondary glazing services. Secondary glazing can simply sound-proof your home. It reduces outside noise so you can enjoy the peace and comfort of your home. The specialists can also help you choose the perfect thickness of glass that will significantly reduce any noise, as well. The thicker the glass, the more likely it is going to be that noise levels are reduced.

Secondary Glazing Can Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Are you ready to reduce heat loss? Secondary glazing is perfect when it comes to saving money on energy costs. Lofts and windows are the primary areas where heat loss can be prevented. Secondary glazing can reduce any heat loss by 50%, and make a significant improvement in your energy bills. Are your windows letting in draughts, as well? An ineffective seal can cause your window not to close properly and let in draughts. Secondary glazing can stop draughts and ensure your windows are entirely sealed. Contact glazing specialist – JBC to ensure your home stays comfortable and your energy bills remain reasonable.