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by | Jan 28, 2016 | Builders

You’ve heard all the stories – about a friend who engaged builders on a neighbour’s recommendation and how the home was left in a semi-demolished state while the contractor absconded with the down-payment. For all the tales of woe there are also many tales of excellent builders who have a satisfied base of repeat-customers who simply did their homework better. If you select a building contractor in Rickmansworth by seeing a signboard as you drive-by or hearing a vague reference of a friend’s cousin having gone into the building business, chances are you’ll get what you deserve. Your home is your castle and any building work should be conducted with absolute care, in partnership with the most reliable general contractor you can find.

How to go about choosing an excellent building contractor in Rickmansworth

If you’re partnering with a small or medium-sized firm, the contractor will not employ all their tradespeople on a full-time basis, but they should have established who the best people are and have them on speed-dial. The general contractor is then responsible for managing all the sub-trades and getting each trade in at the right time to ensure that the agreed schedule is concluded satisfactorily. If there are problems, the contractor needs to make another plan very rapidly – the inconvenience should not be something that you would need to handle (including any additional costs).

Looking for an experienced and competent contractor with an excellent track-record is essential. A contractor should have a portfolio of projects to show you and should be happy for you to contact his previous clients. It’s also recommended that you choose a contractor who is accustomed to liaising with architects and fully understands how to translate your blueprints into a building schedule.

Your contractor will need to obtain all the necessary permits for you and should also see to the scheduling of any inspections that should take place. The contractor will agree on a payment schedule with you, according to the completion of certain milestones, and he would be responsible for the payment of the sub-contractors. In essence, a good contractor is your one-stop shop, your point of contact, and the person who makes sure that the entire project runs smoothly. You can click here to get more details.

Conducting references with former clients

This is truly an important part of choosing and will go a long way to assist you to make the right decision. Ask about the size of the project the contractor worked on and how the job went. Find out how good the contractor’s communication was, and how often he was actually on site to supervise the work. If possible, ask how the contractor’s work compared with others that the client may have used in the past. Enquire as to the quality of work, any cost over-runs, and whether the work was concluded by the proposed deadline.

If you investigate thoroughly, you will be able to find excellent building contractor in Rickmansworth. Malrose has a superb reputation and a long list of highly satisfied customers.

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