Making the Move to Mobility

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Automotive

Whether you’re disabled and view owning a mobility scooter as a means of improving your quality of life or you’re getting older and just want to increase your mobility, buying a mobility scooter will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Electric mobility scooters have improved over the years and are now lighter and faster. These types of scooters are convenient and versatile as well as a must have to help you maintain your independence. If you’re looking for reliable and durable mobility scooters in Taunton then look no further than Exeter Disability Centre Ltd.

Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter

Each mobility scooter is unique on its own and will offer different features. That’s why it’s important when looking at these scooters that you make sure you’re choosing the right one that meets your specific needs. Electric mobility scooters with 3 wheels usually are lighter in weight that a 4 wheel scooter, even though 4 wheeled scooters may offer better balance, especially when manoeuvring around corners. Some distributors or manufacturers of electric mobility scooters have professionally trained staff on-hand that will assess your needs and ensure you make the right choice on the scooter you opt for. After you have made your choice, test drive the scooter to make certain it is comfortable, the correct size and shape for you.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Scooter:

  • Returning to Activities You May Have Had to Give-Up
  • The Ability to Move Around Outdoors and Home on Your Own
  • Feel More Independent as You Don’t Have to Rely on Others
  • Increase Popularity of Mobility Scooters Are Becoming More Affordable and a Viable Option

Invest in an Electric Mobility Scooter Today!

Exeter Disability Centre is a well-established company that offers a wide-range of quality mobility scooters in Taunton. The scooters they provide come in a range of prices, sizes, and shapes to suit all budgets and tastes. Owning an electric mobility scooter allows you greater access to a range of activities that you may not have been able to enjoy before. Invest in an electric mobility scooter today and hit the streets to enjoy your new found independence!

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