Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Croydon Office Moving Services

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Moving and Relocating

Many businesses will operate in the same location as long as they are open. However, in Croydon, as well as surrounding areas, businesses can and do move as well. This may be a local move to a larger or better location, or it may be a move to another city or even to another country.

There are office moving services specialising in these types of moves. There are significant logistical and packing issues in these moves, which can become more complicated and complex when moving abroad.

When hiring office moving services, there are a few common mistakes business owners make. Avoiding these mistakes will make your move around or out of Croydon a pleasant experience rather than a stressful event.

Working With A General Home Removal Service

Specialised office movers have the training, expertise, and experience needed to complete the move on schedule and with the necessary protection for office equipment and supplies. Hiring a general removal service will not provide the same experience and expertise for the move.

Not Booking Well In Advance

Office moves are often completed during outside of business hours. This may mean evenings and weekends, so booking moves early rather than waiting until the last minute will be critical.

Planning the Move by Phone

The most experienced office moving services will send a representative to your business to evaluate and survey the move requirements. This will ensure the necessary equipment, packing, wrapping and size of moving crew required will be assigned to complete the job.

Not Considering Crating and Equipment Recommendations

Delicate and costly equipment and artwork may be best moved by crating or the use of specialised moving equipment. During the survey, the moving manager may recommend these services to ensure all of your valuable equipment and possessions are safely transported.

Arnold and Self Removals offers a commercial move division, A&R Relocation and Storage Solutions. This is a specialised team of movers trained and experienced in managing business relocation services, ensuring your business won’t experience any of these common relocation mistakes.

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