Obtaining the Proper Asbestos Surveys in Wakefield

by | Oct 3, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

A number of building materials and paints are manufactured with a certain amount of asbestos in their recipe. While this may seem like a terrible thing, it only becomes an issue if the amount is unregulated or if a remodel is planned and the substance will be heavily disturbed. In most cases it can be completely harmless and will remain quietly in the building components of your home or business, but being aware of its presence is important for both the building occupants and maintenance workers throughout the time it stays in the area. Since airborne particles can be dangerous for your health, places which are surveyed and found to carry some of the substance should avoid using abrasive power tools and sanding equipment in the area. But how do you get a survey, and what does it entail?

Management Surveys and their Purpose

This survey is for buildings that will remain standing and that will be used often, such as offices, apartment complexes, and similar establishments. The entire purpose of this survey is to find signs of asbestos and locate the area it originates from. This is often times paint on walls and other fixtures, but can also be insulation, preservatives in wood, and plastics. Assuming a source is found within the building, it will be assessed to determine any further action that may be needed immediately or within a reasonable amount of time. Obtaining a management survey on a commercial property you are considering purchasing is also a good idea as it can help protect your investment and prevent issues arising soon after closing on the sale. You can click here to get more details.

Remodel or Demolition Surveys

These are normally reserved buildings that will be refurbished or completely demolished. Since asbestos can be extremely dangerous when it is airborne, using power cutting tools or knocking down certain parts of the building can cause the contaminant to break apart and float around. If inhaled or ingested, serious health problems are a possibility for the workers in the area. Since the inspection and survey process is extremely thorough, be sure you want to remove certain areas or demolish the entire property before you take advantage of this type of survey. The entire purpose of this test is to find the precise location of the contaminant, and the team will be both intrusive and destructive in their attempt to find the sources.

Don’t overlook the benefit of asbestos surveys in Wakefield and surrounding areas.

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