Overlooked factors when choosing a Glazing Installer

Posted By admin on May 15, 2017 |

Overlooked factors when choosing a Glazing Installer

Every home owner carrying out a glazing project is faced with one challenge: too many glazing installers. When you think about it, it is a good challenge but when the efficiency of your glazing partly depends the installer, it becomes serious. Before starting any glazing project, home owners undergo through the process of getting the right materials, making the right choice in terms of style and design and the place to buy the products from. The last decision on a double-glazing installer from Southampton is also as important as the previous decision.

When choosing an installer, you need to consider the qualification and the experience of the professional. Ask the experts to show you their previous work just to have a feel of their quality. These factors are important but there are some factors that home owners overlook when choosing an installer;

Dispute procedure – Misunderstandings can arise especially when the client is not satisfied by the work done. Professional double glazing installers in Southampton create mechanisms to resolve disputes as soon as possible. Disputes can ruin the reputation of a company and no professional company wants their reputation ruined for any reason. As you look for an installer, make sure they have a system of resolving any disputes in case one arises.

Warranties and guarantees- Make sure you ask about the expected lifetime of the products that you buy. Talk to the installer about the care and maintenance procedure that you need to carry on the products so that they last for longer. The information will help you make a better purchasing decision.

Cancellation terms- When you sign a contract with an installer, they normally give you some period of time to read through the contract. During this time, if the contract does not meet your needs, you can cancel it. If you cancel it during this time, you do not incur any penalties but after that period, you incur penalties. Some companies do not give this cooling off period so make sure you ask about it.