Perfect Guide for Picking Curtains

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Curtains

Curtains complete the look of a room. They can complement the design of the room by highlighting the colours and style of the room if chosen carefully. Choosing the right curtains is not such an easy task and it is advisable that you talk to a professional before making a choice on curtains in Chudleigh.

The Colour and Fabric Affect Functionality

This is the first step in any curtain project. Fabrics do not behave the same way so do not generalize when selecting. For example, some heavy fabrics do not fold when you open the curtains. In some cases, light curtain material may fail to fall when the curtain is opened or closed. The thickness of the fabric affects it functionality. If you live in tropical areas, avoid heavy materials as they will make the room too warm. Curtains with linings are good for cold and hot places. In hot areas, they protect the fabrics and furniture in the room from the negative effects of UV rays. Linings are a form of insulation in cold areas and they prevent heat loss.

Curtain Length for the Perfect Look

Curtains can make a room appear taller even if it is not. If you want your room to appear taller, hang the curtain above the window. When it comes to the length, you can allow it to hang just enough to touch the floor. Buy a wide curtain that covers beyond your window. This will block the light completely.

Custom Made Curtains for Specific Personal Preference

Custom made curtains are made in the exact style and size as you would want them. Sometimes the use of the curtains dictates the need to have custom made curtains. You need to choose an experienced curtain maker to help you sew up custom made curtains for a spectacular look. Visit the site for more information.

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