Popular Types of Wood Among Timber Suppliers in Exeter

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Materials & Supplies

For timber supplies in Exeter and the surrounding areas, getting a good supplier is important. One of the most common questions they get asked by customers is- what wood is best for my needs? Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular wood choices:


Beech is a hardwood tree that is very dense and heavy. It has a fine, tight grain and a relatively even and smooth appearance in feel and colour. It is a popular wood for furniture and provides a warm tone to furniture and accessories.


Oak is one of the most popular wood choices for woodworking projects as it is very hard wood that holds up to wear and tell well and is easy to shape into a wide range of shapes. It also offers a beautiful blend of light and dark wood grain colours.


Maple wood is one of the heaviest and most durable of the common wood types seen today. Maple is moisture resistant and holds up well the wear and tear of the natural environment and weather extremes. It’s even, light colour easily takes any stain or paint.


Ash is one of the harder hardwood trees and is famed for its excellent bending abilities despite its durable strength. It is primarily used furniture and pieces that need bent slats of wood such as a rocking chair. Ash has a soft tone and fine wood grain too.


Pine is popular because it is affordable and light weight compared to the denser woods on this list. Pine blends well with other woods, and compliments furniture and shelving and is commonly use in furniture design and construction.

For more information on these and other popular wood choices, such as mahogany, walnut, cheery, birch, and cedar, call us today at Blamphayne Sawmills Ltd.

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