Principles Of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal plays an important role in our everyday life. You can see sheet metals being used in various applications like home appliances, air conditioning, for buildings, construction and in all kinds of transport system. Sheet metal fabrication is a process in which we use different material like Aluminum, stainless steel, brass etc to make metal fabrications. The process of precision sheet metal fabrication includes cutting, pressing and punching using various machines.

Growing Popularity of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

The demand for sheet metal fabrication is rising daily. Nowadays, plastic material is being replaced by sheet metals for a wide variety of applications. With the development of technology and using equipments, the cost of the sheet metal fabrication can be reduced and the amount of labor required for it is also reduced. This makes it very popular among builders and companies.

Common Metals and Principles Used For Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

A large number of materials are used today for making sheet metals projects. You can easily roll sheet metal steel into shapes. Adding a layer of protective coating such as powder coating to the material to get that extra protection for increasing the durability. This coating protects steel from corrosion and gives long life. The popular precision sheet metals used are black iron sheet coated with oxide, galvanized steel sheets that are made up of soft steel coated with zinc, and aluminum sheets. We can also use stainless steel sheets as they have an added advantage of being corrosion resistant.

The manufacturing process of sheet metal fabrication can be classified into two-material deformation and material removal. Material deformation process involves creating 3D designs and shapes whereas material removal includes 2D design. Depending upon the company and type of sheet metal, the precision sheet metal fabrication processes are designed and implemented.


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