Questions to Ask your Fence Contractor

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Fencing

So, something has happened to your fence, and you’ve decided to hire a fence contractor to come and either repair or replace it. You probably think that’s the end of the conversation but hold on just a second. Like any contractor, there are a number of questions to get out of the way first. If you are meeting with a contractor for a fencing job in Wrexham, here are the top questions you should be asking before you let them get started.

#1. Do you use sub-contractors?

Sub-contractors are a very common practice, so it’s nothing necessarily suspicious if your contractor answers yes. However, it is prudent to know who you’re about to let work on your house. If they say yes, ask for the name of the company, and then do some research on them. Most of the time they’re clean, but you can never be too sure about these things. There’s a risk of unreliable work with sub-contractors, who are paid by the foot for installing fences. So, there’s a temptation with them to underperform so they can get it done quickly.

#2. What lumber do you use?

Not all types of wood are created equal, and some last much longer than others, especially when made into a fence. Some contractors use different types of lumber based on request by the client, so be sure to ask this if your budget matters to you. If you are on a tight budget, then a lower quality lumber might suit you. However, if you want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, then shoot for a higher quality.

#3. Can you help me understand the process?

Knowing how the whole process works from top to bottom will help make sure you know the company you’re hiring can give the service you’re paying for in the timeline you set. This question will give insight into the company’s routine and the general process of how this whole thing works. Which can also help prepare you better for any unexpected surprises.

#4. Who will I be working with?

Typically, the contractor will assign someone to be the liaison between you and the company while the job is performed. This may be a sales professional, a foreman, or a scheduler, who will coordinate their part of the project while also keeping you up to speed and answering any concerns you have.

Fencing contractors, like any other kind, make helping any concerns you have a top priority. So, if you’re looking to hire one, remember these questions for that first phone call/meeting, so you can have all your worries laid to rest. Visit site  for more information on fencing.

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