Reasons To Consider Air Conditioning In Gloucester

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Electrical Engineer

Most people in the UK frown upon using air conditioning or having A/C installed in homes or businesses within the Gloucester area because rain and clouds are usually the dominant weather pattern. However, when summer does come, and with it the heat and sun, you will welcome the cold feel of A/C in the office or home. Unlike other areas of the world, where the warmer months can stretch on forever, the UK still doesn’t employ the use of A/C as much, though it does have its benefits.

Stay Cool

Of course, A/C is meant to help keep you cool during the warmer months and can reduce temperatures of the building so that you can escape from the heat and be comfortable while you relax at home or work hard at the office. In many cases, people get exceptionally tired and listless during the warmer months of summer, which can cause productivity to go down. However, when you cool the building, you can feel more productive and active no matter what the temperature is outside.

Stay Warm

Even though it may seem strange, A/C can help keep areas warm in the winter. Many times, individual heaters aren’t very productive in large spaces, such as public buildings and open offices. Having units in those areas can ensure that the heat gets moved evenly, so everything stays warm and comfortable during the chilly months.

Dryer Atmosphere

In many cases, humidity can be a bigger problem than the temperature because it causes the air to become thick and difficult to breathe. Most units offer a dehumidifying function, which helps reduce dampness. The dryer atmosphere will reduce risks of mildew and mould build-up, which can also reduce dust mites and mould spores from getting released into the atmosphere.


If you have allergies or have employees who do, you are likely going to find that A/C can keep the atmosphere cleaner. Units are usually equipped with filters, which will purify the atmosphere as it circulates it. This means that pollution, smoke and dust can be trapped in the filter, helping those with allergies to breathe easier. You can visit here to get more information.


Whilst full systems can be extremely beneficial, you mustn’t think you must have a complete system. Small units that are portable can also be used, which can be used to cool individual areas when they are required.

Air conditioning in Gloucester may not be your ultimate goal, but it can help to have a dryer and cleaner environment. Visit EESI LTD today to learn more or to contact them about installation.

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