Refurbished Aga Cookers – Tips for Choosing the Right Model

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Home Improvement

In 1922, the Aga cooker was invented. This unique cooking appliance took the world by storm and even today it remains one of the most respected oven brands on the market. Designed with sturdy components crafted from cast iron and a strong frame, the Aga’s continuously burning heat source feature makes it possible for even the most inexperienced cook to try out a variety of techniques, from baking to grilling. Before you rush into buying one of Nobel Prize winner Gustaf Dalén’s well-known refurbished Aga cookers, you would benefit from learning what separates Aga models from one another.

Oven Versions

Since production first started for new and refurbished Aga cookers, various new models have been introduced to the market. The standard model has just two ovens, whereas other more capable models feature three, four or five ovens. Simmering, roasting and burning are the main cooking features, with the more advanced versions being manufactured with useful warming and baking features. Aside from the oven version options made available to buyers, a variety of colour options are also ready to buy in new and used conditions. Cream is the most common shade that an Aga will come in, but you will have the opportunity to browse a rainbow of colours too, like red, white and black.

Fuel Options

How often do you plan on using the refurbished Aga cooker to prepare meals? If you cook quite frequently, energy consumption should come into consideration. The fuel option will determine just how fuel efficient the appliance is, with Aga’s being powered by either electricity, gas, kerosene, biofuel or diesel. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is now possible to operate Aga ovens with an electric source, such as a smartphone! Expect to pay a little for a model of this kind, which you can power with the touch of a button to heat the entire home.

Aga Sizes

In July of 2014, people of the world were surprised to discover that new and refurbished Aga cookers were being manufactured specifically for small spaces. If you have limited room to work with in your kitchen, opt for a newer Aga that measures just 60 centimetres in width. Although this is small compared to the size of a typical Aga, it is perfect for city apartments with minimal square footage. What’s more, it still boasts a fully programmable cooker and hot plate, which can be turned on during the colder months to act as a home heating source.

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