Relationship between Boom Pumps and Skyscrapers

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Business

Do you admire how engineers nowadays are putting up skyscrapers within a short time? Technology has truly revolutionized how everything in the world is done. In the past, even buildings with two storeys would take quite some time before being completed but today, skyscrapers are taking a record time to be completed. Research in the field of engineering has led to innovations that have led to shortened time in building skyscrapers.

As every architect and constructor will tell you, they are accountable to the safety of the building in terms of its stability. Therefore, they must make sure that the foundation is stable and strong. Natural calamities like earthquakes have been known to weaken the foundation of buildings. When constructing, the foundation is key to a strong building.

During construction, the first step is to level the ground followed by adding the gravel then pouring the concrete. These three steps determine how weak or strong the foundation will be. To make the work easier, concrete pumps are used to pour the concrete.

Among all pumps, engineers prefer to use concrete boom pumps when constructing skyscrapers. This is because they can reach high heights of up to 175 feet without having to move. Boom pumps in Cardiff are mounted on trucks. Most companies hiring the boom pumps have operators who adequately operate the pump. A lot of care must be taken to ensure the pumps do not break down during work and that they do not cause accidents.

Our expertise in boom pump in Cardiff enables us to operate the pumps without causing accidents. Electrocution is common when using the pumps if the operator is not careful about power lines. Deaths have also been reported as a result of improper use of the pumps. Our pumps are regularly maintained so you can be sure of minimal downtimes. They will serve you well with outstanding performances. Call us today at South Wales Concrete Pumping to get a quote and book a pump.

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