Secondary Glazing on Sash & Casement Windows in Edinburgh

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Home Improvement

You can have beautiful sash & casement windows in Edinburgh that reduce noise pollution, retain the indoor climate better and that do not change the aesthetics of your older windows! Part of the charm of older stately homes is the craftmanship that went into the windows. Unfortunately, the building techniques that help you save on energy costs were not available when many of the homes in Edinburgh were constructed. Today, there is a solution that improves the energy efficiency and noise cancelling properties of your windows without disrupting the beauty of the window.

Functional Beauty

Secondary glazing on sash & casement windows in Edinburgh is a simple solution when you want to improve the function of your windows but you do not want to disrupt the windows. The right source will be able to:

1. Install secondary glazing

2. Ensure that the glazing leaves your current windows fully operational

3. Keeps the original aesthetic value of your windows

4. Improves your energy efficiency by keeping out drafts

5. Improves the noise cancelling power of your current windows

This option can be a simple solution that gives you all the benefits of new windows without interfering with the historic look of your original windows! It is a great opportunity to improve your home without having to rip your original windows out.

Trusted Provider

To get all the benefits of secondary glazing you do want to be sure that you choose a trusted provider that has experience providing excellent results. Choose a source that is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. JBC is a good option. They have over 30 years of experience and specialize in making homeowners happy with their results! Learn more about how you can improve the function of your windows by contacting JBC.

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