Shattering Burglar Alarm Myths

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Security System Supplier

Security is one of the unspoken basic needs. People in different parts of the world want to know that they are safe, and their property is protected at all times. When people have an assurance that they are safe, it gives them peace of mind. Over time, there have been myths that have misrepresented the value of burglar alarms.

Wrong Timing

Most home owners expect burglaries to happen at night. Most people actually feel very safe during the day because they think burglars fear daylight. The truth is; most intruders invade homes in broad daylight. The FBI concluded that the most intrusion activities take place between 9 am to 3 pm. Most people are always outside their homes and this makes the homes vulnerable to attacks. Burglar alarms in Devon can help keep your home safe at all times, during all weather and every hour of the day.

The Systems Keep away Intruders

Intruders like carrying out their activities in secrecy. This explains why they keep away from premises with burglar alarms. Homes without a burglar system are three more times as likely to be invaded compared to homes with the systems. A report released by the University of South Carolina revealed that 60% of intruders said openly that they kept away from homes with the security systems. Home owners use window stickers and yard to deter burglar activity.

They are So Affordable

There are different types of burglar systems suitable for people with different budgets. Professional burglar system providers stock high quality products from accredited manufacturers. They are reliable when you need them to service, install or carry out maintenance on the system. Ace Fire & Security burglar systems can be integrated in various devices. Their technicians are always available to provide support at any given time. You can there rest assured that your business or home premises.

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