Should You Hire Glaziers in Livingston for Double or Triple Glazing?

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Doors and Windows

These days, most property owners will add value to the home with double or triple glazed windows. Glaziers in Livingston recommend these window types, because they are designed with more than one pane of glass. This additional pane will usually have a low U value. The lower the U value the better the window is for the environment. Combine this with the fact that double and triple glazing are good options for minimising condensation and there really is no reason not to make the investment! If you want to make an informed decision, feed your knowledge a little more.

What is Double Glazing?

When a window has two layers of glass and a gas-filled layer in between, it will be called double glazing. So popular is double glazing nowadays that the majority of homes throughout the United Kingdom now have windows with two panes. Energy Saving Trust Recommended, this type of window can be fitted by glaziers in Livingston for an affordable price. The British Fenestration Rating Council advises homeowners to pay for double glazing services if they want the home to be quieter, warmer and safer. Heat retention, sound-proofing and energy saving are three benefits. You can visit here to get more details.

What is Triple Glazing?

You will probably have heard triple glazing being marketed as a better alternative to double glazing. It’s fairly obvious that triple glazing has a slight advantage over double glazing, because it has three panes of glass, instead of two! Despite this, both options are recommended by glaziers in Livingston for their longevity. If anything is going to stop you from paying for triple glazing, it will be the fact that it reduces light penetration slightly and is heavier in weight than double glazing.

Double vs. Triple Glazing

Now that you know a little bit about both window types, you can begin to compare them. More glaziers in Livingston will be hired to fit triple glazing, because it is heavier but once fitted, the value of your investment will be returned in no time. Generally higher in cost, triple glazing can be enhanced with upgrades. However, double glazing appeals to property owners because this long-term investment creates twice the insulation of normal windows, can be installed with ease and can offer the homeowner annual savings of £170 or more.

You could save a lot of energy if you hire glaziers in Livingston from Edinburgh Glass & Glazing to fit double glazed windows on your commercial or residential property.

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