Specialty Aluminium Fabrication

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Specialty Aluminium Fabrication

There are many advantages to utilizing this versatile metal in your production designs. With lower tooling costs and the ability for high speed production, this unique product can be an excellent choice for your business needs.

If a bespoke product is what you are seeking, a specialty sheet metal manufacturer will be able to provide you with the latest equipment and unique selection of metals to choose from. In addition, having access to a large production facility for your larger product runs makes a full service company a cost effective choice for all your needs.

Affordable Quality Manufacturing

When choosing the material to develop and produce your sheet metal product, there are several factors you are certainly considering. You want the cost to stay within your budget, but you of course do not want to sacrifice quality. Your design team, utilizing the versatility and cost effective use of aluminium fabrication, your business will be pleased with the results.

With the superior properties of this excellent material, there are many applications that it can be used for in your project. Possessing good thermal and electrical conductivity, its light weight yet very strong composition and ability to resist corrosion will make it a part of your unique product design.

Possessing one third of the weight of conventional steel without losing any of the strength, aluminium fabrication can be utilized in many product designs where other steels and sheet metals cannot, making this a highly sought after material for your production needs.

The Production Process

During the design and manufacturing process, punch pressing or laser cutting is used to create the shapes that will form up your design. With the many computer aided layout and cutting programs available, your product will be precision cut to your exact specifications.

As your design proceeds to the forming up process, the CNC folding machine will start to put the finishing touches on your product with computer aided folding and superior accuracy. This will prepare it for any final steps in making your product business ready.

Finishing Options

There are many available options after the cutting and forming up is complete. If any part of your design requires a galvanized finish or plating, or drilling and machining, these services can be added to your prototype, bespoke project or a full production run of your items.

No matter which industry you represent, whether it is defence, catering, furniture, patient care or one of any dozens of industries, there is a product design available to suit your needs. Whether you want to create a prototype to take back to your product team or have a large production run of an industry wide solution for your business, working with a full service metal fabrication company is the quality choice for your needs.