Sprucing up Your Home with Emerging Residential Design Trends

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Interior Designer

Over the centuries, residential design has been a riveting and dynamic industry. From the Victorian era to the modern era, different styles and trends have defined the face of the home and continue to do so today. These trends define a generation, and then some. If you want services for residential design in Dorset, consider the trends below:

* The kitchen is taking a more centralized place in the home. More and more residential houses are having a larger kitchen space even as the living room diminishes and quite often becomes part of the kitchen. This will give the family space to interact more. This trend will offer you the opportunity to do more with your kitchen and you may experiment with different designs and layouts.

* There is an emerging escapist trend where the walls outdoors and indoors are less defined. This may demand a bit more of creativity to blend this surreal idea with functionality, but it does promise to offer a stunning result.

* As time goes by, some rules in residential design are fast falling apart. A good example is the rising trend of having a more open space concept. With this, various areas of the home are merged, and people often use room dividers and bookshelves instead of walls.

* The use of larger windows is fast becoming a common trend. This has its advantages such as energy efficiency due to utilization of natural light.

* Many homes are adopting eco-friendly materials in their construction and design due to awareness efforts from lobby groups and activists.

Should you be interested in finding out more about residential design in Dorset, call us! Squirrels Interiors has years of experience in design work, and we will be pleased to be a part of your residential project.

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