Storing with your removal company is a good idea

Posted By admin on Jul 20, 2016 |

Storing with your removal company is a good idea

When you have to put your possession into a storage facility, there will be certain questions you’ll need to ask to guarantee your peace of mind. If you locate a removals company that also provides storage that will be first prize, as the company will be responsible for your possessions from the time they’re collected to when they’re finally delivered to a new destination. If you have two companies involved and something goes wrong and an item is lost or broken, it will be easy for the two parties to point fingers at each other and deny liability. Your belongings are valuable to you and you need to know that they’re in safe hands, so take time to choose wisely

Know what your needs are

You may need short or long-term storage. Short storage is typically under a month. It might also be that you need your family or friends to have access to your possessions at some stage, and this should be discussed up front. Also, you would need to have a clear idea of what a company allowed you to store. For example, paint and solvents and flammable items are often not accepted by storage companies, so if you wanted to put all the contents of your garage in storage, you would need to check first.

Security would probably be at the top of your list of ‘must-haves’, as well as knowing that you were being charged a reasonable fee. You would also need to ensure that you hired the correct size of container so that money isn’t wasted. Some facilities offer a range of different containers, and this would probably be most convenient for you. Visit here for more information.

Arranging storage with a removals company

This situation works well as the removals company will be able to arrive at your home with all the containers that are required for storage. Usually, the containers will be sealed before they leave your home, and this will be a guarantee for you when finally these sealed containers are returned to you. If you live in Melton Mowbray and are moving away, but need your possessions stored until you’re ready for them, it’s a good idea to use a local company that will immediately be able to put these in storage. Then, when your move is ready for completion, your belongings will arrive exactly as they would have if the move had been carried out in one day.

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