The Benefits Of A Baby And Child First Aid Course

Posted By admin on Nov 10, 2017 |

The Benefits Of A Baby And Child First Aid Course

Children are prone to injuries. Unintentionally, they harm themselves. The result can be serious injuries or even death. With these being the potential consequences, it would seem natural for parents, day care providers and others involved with children to take a baby and child first aid course.

Children and Injuries

Children are susceptible to injuries on a regular basis for one of two reasons:

  1. They have developing bodies

  2. They are as yet unaware of their bodies and the risks inherent in their environment

As a result, they have injuries, e.g., bruises, bumps, falls and scrapes. They burn themselves and ingest questionable, harmful and even deadly substances. Sometimes, they even exasperate existing medical conditions.

Benefits of Taking a Baby and Child First Aid Course

Knowing even the basics of first aid can reduce the risk of serious harm occurring because of a mild or serious injury. Benefits of learning pediatric first aid include:

  • Recognition: How to recognize the signs of distress/injury. This is important. Children and babies may not be able to explain the problem

  • Speciality Knowledge: Provides information about certain scenarios, e.g., choking

  • CPR/AED: It is important to know how to appropriately apply CPR and AED to children and infants

Overall, by taking a pediatric first aid course, an adult will be able to have the knowledge required during an emergency. At the same time, it will give the individual the skill and confidence to address the situation.

Baby and Child First Aid Course

Having certification for a first aid course is a positive measure. If you have or work with children, a baby and child first aid course is beneficial in a variety of ways. Knowing how to act in an emergency is important. It can and does save lives. However, do remember, like other types of first aid certification, you must renew your training every three years. This ensures you remain current with the latest techniques and equipment.