The Benefits Of uPVC Window Installation in Lymington

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Doors and Windows

Being an informed consumer is always important, and many people are not quite sure of the different terms used in construction and home upgrades or renovations. This is often true with the use of the term uPVC windows, although people are often very familiar with the term PVC.

In technical terms, standard or regular PVC is polyvinyl chloride, a strong type of hard, durable plastic that is used in pipes of all types, including plumbing pipes, as well as in toys. It can also be softened with the use of plasticizers and used to create clothing and other types of similar flexible items.

The term uPVC means there are no plasticizers used, so it is called uplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is very durable, and can be formed to make window frames and pipes. It is commonly used when there is a need for the item to be very strong and durable without any natural give or flex.

In Window Frames

For window frames, the solid and rigid uPVC is the perfect match. However, it is also beneficial on homes in and around Lymington for other reasons as well. This is a naturally fire-resistant material that is also extremely low maintenance.

The uPVC windows are also free from two types of chemicals that are found in standard PVC. These two chemicals include BPA (bisphenol A), and phthalates, the former which is not a concern in materials other than food or beverage containers, but the latter which can be released into the air.

The result of using this material for windows is a window frame that is going to last for decades to come. They provide a high level of insulation, which is a real boost to your home’s energy efficiency during the cold autumn through spring months. They are also effective at reducing outside noise in the home, allowing your interior space to truly be a place to relax and unwind.

The Versatility Factor

Through the processed used in manufacturing uPVC windows, size and shape, as well as window design, can be customised for the individual home. The styles and colour options range from the very traditional with classic elegance to the more modern and contemporary, perfect for giving your home just the look you have always wanted.

With the uPVC material used in the window frame, maintenance will cease to be a chore. These frames will just need to be cleaned with soap and water, and the colours will not fade, peel or flake adding vibrant, efficient and quality windows for any style of home in the Lymington area.

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