The Importance of Finding the Source of Blocked Drains

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Plumbing

If you are having trouble with blocked drains in your home, one factor to keep in mind is that whatever is causing the blockage is possibly the result of regular usage. Overtime, this can lead to an acute deterioration in the performance of a drain. There are many things that can affect a drain over an extended period of time, including ground movement, broken or cracked pipes, tree root invasion, industrial waste, and poor construction. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to have the problem quickly and correctly evaluated and professionally repaired with a minimum of disruption. Since drains are not usually visible, the correct nature and cause of the blockage may not be immediately apparent. That is where a professional inspection and diagnosis comes into play. Drain surveys in Poole performed by a drainage expert is a very important tool when detecting any drain malfunction.

Common Problems Associated with Blocked Drains

One of the most common problems associated with blocked drains are the foul odours that can happen. Another problem is potential health risks, these smells may cause discomfort in your home and can cost you more than they need to. Prevention is the best option and having a drainage professional conduct a drain survey allows them to quickly and easily identify the blockage or problem in the drain. This enables an expert to solve the problem swiftly, easily and with little disturbance to you and your property. There is nothing better than a visual assessment to provide the most accurate and cost-effective diagnosis of the issue taking place in your pipes or drains.

After the Drain Survey Is Finished

After the drain survey is finished by a drainage expert, they will offer you an inclusive report as well as a DVD recording of your drain. The report and the recording is your copy you can keep for personal records and insurance purposes. For more information about drain surveys, contact Canford Drains by visiting their website today.

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