The many advantages of good double glazed windows

by | May 10, 2016 | Doors and Windows

If you live in an areas that has extremes of climate – with warm summers and very cold winters – you will probably want to invest in double glazed windows. This applies to the whole of the UK where double-glazing goes far beyond being just something nice to have, and becomes a basic necessity. One of the most important features of double glazing is its energy saving properties. As there is an inert gas placed between the two panes of glass, heat doesn’t pass easily through the glass, as it would if there was a single pane. The difference in temperature inside your home will be dramatic, and thus your bills for heating can decrease by up to 50%. Of course, double glazed windows are more expensive than having a single pane window, but the comfort you will experience in your home and the savings you will incur on your energy costs will make this investment an obvious choice.

One of the biggest problems with a single glazed window is that there is constant condensation during the cold weather. This fogging of the windows is caused by the extremes in temperature between the heated room and the outside elements. The condensation restricts visibility and keeps out the light, making your spirits even lower than they usually are during the winter months. Also, if you live in a built-up area or near a busy road, you’ll hear all the noise through a single pane of glass. Double glazing, with the layer of gas between the layers, is an excellent sound inhibitor. The difference, based on sound tests, is quite dramatic, and you will be amazed how much ambient noise pollution is reduced.

Choosing a good double glazing supplier in Guildford

You should be aware that there can be problems with double glazing if they’re not manufactured to a high standard. A good glass manufacturing company will ensure that the windows are very well sealed. If not, it has even happened that condensation occurs between the two panes of glass, and this is impossible to rectify without removing the windows. If you’re involved in a new-build, you’ll want to partner with a supplier who is able to manufacture according to your schedule and will deliver on the date promised. When you’re invested in double glazing, it would be worth your while to shop around for a trustworthy supplier.

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