The many advantages of installing double glazing

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Doors and Windows

If you live in Farnham, the chances are that having double-glazed windows is a comfort-based necessity. In places where the climate is extreme, keeping heat inside during winter and preventing the hot air from causing you to bake in your home during summer is really important. Single paned glass windows do not do a very good job when it comes to climate control. Actually, as glass is such a good conductor of heat, it is actually one of the worst materials you can use when it comes to trying to stay warm. When you consider your energy bills in winter, you should realize that up to 40% of the heat you’re paying to generate is escaping through those windows if you don’t have double glazing. With this in mind, consider some of the many advantages you could achieve if you decide to invest in energy efficient windows.

What you’ll gain by installing double glazing

Apart from the enormous advantages of having a home that is much more comfortable, you’ll also find that your energy bills will decrease – sometimes quite dramatically. There’s nothing nicer than knowing that the warm air being generated is staying inside your walls, and is not being wasted. The reason for this is the layer of gas that is found between the two panes of glass. Some of this gas is better at retaining heat than others, and this is where you’d need to consult with a manufacturer and learn more about the various energy ratings.

Noise pollution is another problem in many parts of the UK, and double glazing goes a long way to reducing this. By virtue of the fact that there is a double layer of glass and that the windows are well sealed, the difference in keeping out peripheral noise is remarkable. If you have noisy traffic passing your home, you’ll be amazed if you switch to double glazed windows to realize that the roar has changed to muted sound.

Cutting down condensation

Something that most homeowners hate in cold weather is the condensation that forms on the inside of the windows. This is because of the difference in heat between your home and the outside. Unfortunately, the condensation can form drops that run down the inside of the glass, and occasionally freeze. With double glazing, the inner pane of glass is kept much warmer and is protected from the cold outside by the external glass. Thus, condensation can be virtually a thing of the past.

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