The multiple benefits of liquid screed

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

When the structural concrete floor slab is poured and levelled, it is not smooth nor is it really level. This is acceptable if a wooden sub floor is going to be constructed on the slab but is certainly unacceptable for laying a finished floor on. This is but one reason why liquid screed in Newport is necessary, when the liquid screed application is completed the finished floor will be extremely smooth and level and finished floor coverings can be installed directly on top.

There are two common screed types; one is the traditional sand and cement mix while the other is liquid. Liquid screed has a number of benefits which can be detailed here:

* It provides an extremely flat surface; the viscosity is such that it self-levels

* A floor levelled with liquid screed is an ideal surface for final floor finishes such as tile and carpet

* Absolutely ideal when installing an under floor heating system

* The screed is mixed in quality controlled batches and delivered to site ready for pumping into place

* Installs far faster than traditional sand and cement screed, up to ten times move cover in the same amount of time

* Minimal shrinkage and cracking

* It can be walked on in 24 hours and it can be loaded in 5 to 7 days, twice as fast as traditional screed can be loaded

One of the major benefits of liquid screed in Newport it using it for the installation of under floor heating. The recommended depth of sand and cement screed is 75mm, when liquid screed is used the depth can be limited to 50mm, this results in considerable saving during the installation phase. Liquid screed has considerably higher flexural strength; this is why it can be applied thinner.

Liquid screed has a considerably higher thermal conductivity than traditional screed, this results in faster heat transfer. When you consider that the heat is going through 25mm less material and the material has superior thermal properties it is no surprise that the room heats quicker. When liquid screed in Newport is used the surface warms in less than one hour, the same surface temperature takes 7 hours to achieve with traditional screed. It was thought at one time that a thick slab was superior because it acted like a heat sink, this has been disproved.

Faster floor heating results in a much higher level of comfort quicker, it also saves on the cost of energy to heat the room effectively. Visit here to get more details.

There are many benefits to liquid screed in Newport, especially when it used during the installation of under floor heating. For a quotation on your project you are invited to contact South Wales Concrete Pumping.

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