Three Key Factors to Consider Before Hiring Glaziers in Ascot for Replacement Windows

Posted By admin on Jul 31, 2015 |

Three Key Factors to Consider Before Hiring Glaziers in Ascot for Replacement Windows

Replacing the windows on your property might seem like a tiring and expensive task, but by performing a bit of research beforehand, you can discover what services are best and which type of glass will be good value for money. Double glazing, triple glazing and stained glass are some popular services a typical glazier would offer. If you paid for one of these services and are now dealing with cracks, air leaks or condensation build-up, replacement windows would be a worthwhile solution. Don’t just hire anyone for the job though, because there are a few things to think about ahead of contacting a glazier.

Glass and Glazing Federation

It’s worth getting in touch with a member of staff at the Glass and Glazing Federation, because this well-known association only lists the best glaziers in Ascot on their website. You can easily filter out the good from the bad when you browse the directory. In the event that a dispute of some kind arises between you and the glazier, they can be solved through this organization. Are you a homeowner? If so, ask someone at the Glass and Glazing Federation if you are covered by consumer protection.

Tradesmen Reviews

Does the glazier you are considering working with boast a list of good reviews? If not, take the time to find different glaziers in Ascot. When you consider the fact that most customers will be completely honest when posting tradesmen reviews, it’s highly advisable to read them as a way of making an informed decision. Word of mouth advertising is one of the best forms of advertising, but tradesmen review websites are convenient because it is possible to search by trader name.

Qualifications and Expertise

A career in glazing all starts with a good amount of studying. Avoid working with glaziers in Ascot if they are not willing to prove how long they trained for and what level of expertise they have, because this indicates that they might have something to hide! A GQA Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glazing (QCF) is the desired qualification that someone in this line of work ought to have under their belt. Some basic skills of a good glazier include practical skills, the ability to read technical drawings and adequate glass cutting experience.

When you hire Direct Glazing team of experienced glaziers in Ascot, you can gain peace of mind that the job will be done to a high standard.