Tips on achieving a perfect move

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Mover

Is there perfect moving? Yes there is but you need to take the following steps to make the moving perfect and stress-free.

 * Packing – Start packing items that you rarely use as early as possible. When packing, label the boxes according the contents. This will make unpacking easy and you will be able to access items that you need most with ease. Arrange the boxes such that the boxes with items that will be needed soon after moving are placed in the most accessible location.

 * Post – Just before your moving date, you need to change your address with the bank, insurance company, family member, friends, and other important parties.

 * De-clutter – The best time to get rid of clutter in your house is when moving. This is because you go through all your property when packing so it is the perfect time to let go of what you do not need. De-cluttering can actually make you money if you decide to sell the property but you can also donate to charity homes and friends.

 * Removal firm – Removals in marketing Harborough offer a variety of services including packing, transport, storage, and unpacking amongst other. Look for a reliable, efficient and reputable removal company and decide on the services that you need them to offer you. After you identify a removal company, inquire about their cost. Make sure the removal in Market Harborough is also insured; you will entrusting your property to them so you need to be sure they can take care of your property.

 * Cancel utilities – Once you are sure about your moving date, contact the service providers for your household utilities and advise them on the day to cut off the utilities. Get in touch with the service providers for your new premises and advise them on the day to reconnect the utilities.

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