Tips on getting the most out of Skip Hires

Posted By admin on Apr 12, 2017 |

Tips on getting the most out of Skip Hires

It always feels so good when you get value for your money. For you to get the value, you need to make very calculated decisions so that you can get the best out of a service or product. The same is required when it comes to skip bins; you need to know how to get the most out of skip hire in Abingdon.

1. Identify the waste that you want to dispose before calling the skip hire company. The information will help you estimate the size of skip bin that you need. As part of identifying the waste to be disposed using the skip bins, you will need to arrange the waste between waste that can be disposed through skip hire and that which cannot.

2. As you look for skip hire in Abingdon, think about how you plan to load the waste into the skip bin. For ease of loading, you can hire a skip with a removable end or door.

3. Did you know that there are some waste material that attract extra charges when you dispose them using skip bins? Hazardous material such as car batteries, paint containers, tyres and sump oil cans amongst others are charged differently. Skip hire companies charge for extra time and cost used to dispose the materials.

4. Bins come in different sizes and some have weight limits like house bins or light weight bins. Be careful as some bins may charge you an attractive fee but there is a catch. For some, you pay extra when you go past the load limit so the cost is just the same or higher than that of other skip bins.

5. Be forewarned: do not spill even the little amount of asbestos in your waste. Unfortunately, it settles at the bottom of the bin and when the bin is emptied, it appears at the top. Waste containing asbestos is treated expensively when disposing and you are billed for the extra cost.

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