Tips on Saving Money and Time on Skip Hires

Posted By admin on Aug 2, 2017 |

Tips on Saving Money and Time on Skip Hires

Skips come in handy when you want to manage waste produced either during construction, renovations, house moves, fire clean ups or projects with a lot of waste products. If you are looking for a legal, safe and hassle-free way of disposing the wastes, then you should consider skip hire in Didcot. Whether it is your first time or tenth to use skips, there are tips that can help you enjoy the service better.

Save Time by Positioning Skips Close to the Waste

The closer the skip is to the waste, the less time and energy you will spend loading the waste. As you choose a location, the sizes of the skip and the space available have a role to play. If you need to clear a lot of waste and the space available is limited, you will need to look for a convenient space. Sometimes you will need to place the skip on public pavement or road. In such a case, you need a permit but the skip company will help you apply for it. Be careful about the expiry date on the permits to avoid being fined by the local authorities.

Save Money by Choosing the Right Size of Skip

Be realistic about the amount of waste that you are likely to dispose. Skips come in different sizes of 4 yards, 6 yards, 8 yards, 12 yards and up to 40-yard capacities. Talk to the skip company so that they can help you estimate the right size. Getting the right size of skip can save you time as you will not need to make several trips to the tip. Larger skips costs more than smaller ones so just get the right size that you need and save cash.

Safety Tip for All users

Some waste is heavy and can cause injuries if it falls on people so load carefully. Avoid overloading the skip. If you are loading heavy and light weight, load the heavy load first then the light ones on top.

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