Travelling in a Group-Have You Considered Luxury Coach Hire?

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Transport and Freight Forwarding

If you are transporting your team to an event some distance away, then at first it may seem like a good idea to take several vehicles or even take the train. However, there are many reasons why you should consider hiring a luxury coach instead. Coach hire is affordable and a lot more convenient. Since, you can move a large group of people in one vehicle instead of relying on several vehicles and risk part of the team arriving late. There is no more frustrating or complicated travel arrangement to be made. Just hop on and off the bus. You can find luxury coach hire in Southampton that is provided by a reputable coach company that has several designed coaches ready to take your team anywhere.

Reliable Coach Company Is Your Best Choice

Choosing to use the services of a reliable coach company is your best choice and it gives you the opportunity to select from a wide range of coaches they have to offer. First, you will talk with an experienced office staff and they will need to know; number of people you expect, trip type and the destination. After that is accomplished you let them know when you need their services. Fleet of coaches provided by a reputable coach company is uniquely different and range in sizes as well as offer different amenities. All coaches offered are clean, organized and are kept maintenance. Luxury coach is much more comfortable than riding in a small sized vehicle and being cramped during a long ride.

Facilities in a Luxury Coach Include:

* Arm and Foot Rests

* Reclining Seats

* Crew Seat

* Lap Belts

* Radio/cassette or CD PA system

* Air Conditioning

* ABS – Anti-lock braking system

* Toilet on request

* Air Suspension

* Cold and Hot Drinks on Request

* DVD System on Request

Your Team Will Applaud You for Hiring a Luxury Coach

There are many benefits of a luxury coach hire. One of them is a coach is more environmentally friendly. Modern coaches have a low carbon footprint and when compare to air travel and rail, they are greener and cleaner. Your team will applaud you for getting a luxury coach hire. This allows them to all be together during their travel and they can relax and talk about their game plan before they reach their destination. Plus, they will arrive in style. If you would like more information about luxury coach hire, contact Solent Coaches Ltd today by visiting their website.

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