Types of Fascias & Soffits Available In North Wales

Posted By admin on Jul 30, 2015 |

Types of Fascias & Soffits Available In North Wales

If you are like most people in North Wales, you don’t think about your home’s outside trim, at least until something goes wrong. However, you should start considering your fascia & soffit, as they can keep your home structurally sound and dry. Fascias are boards that cap the edge of your rafters around the outside of your house and are horizontally laid. In most cases, the gutters are attached to the fascia, which can help improve water drainage. Right underneath the fascia is the soffit, which is a smooth surface that overhangs the walls. It is also called an eave, and while they don’t have particular purposes, they are used to provide a finished look and help protect the home if the fascia is damaged.

Fascia Types

There are three primary types of fascia available, including aluminium, vinyl and wood. When you realise you need a new one, you will want to consider each option carefully. The first thing you should consider is the colour of fascia so that you can match it to the rest of the home. Vinyl options can be coloured during the manufacturing process and usually come in simple options though you can order specialty colours if you prefer. Wood options are also available and can be painted though you’ll want to select outdoor paint or stain and be sealed properly. Even with sealant, you will likely find that wood doesn’t last as long as other options.

Soffit Lengths and Ventilation

When considering soffits, you’ll want to ensure that the length is appropriate. How far your rafters overhang the home will tell you how much soffit you’ll need. There are various sizes available, from a few centimetres up to three feet. If you require extra ventilation, you can install vents into your soffit, as well.

Typically, vents come in rectangular and circular shapes and must provide a continuous air gap. However, you are not required to buy a soffit with vents and can purchase the vents at a later time if you decide you need them. You can click here to get more details.

DIY or Professional Installation

While most people try to save money and do it themselves, it may be wise to hire a professional to install the fascia and soffit. Unless you are extremely comfortable being on your roof or a ladder, you will likely find it easier and safer to hire someone.

Fascias & Soffits in North Wales do more than make your house look prettier, and can help prevent many problems. Visit Morton & Jones today to learn more about the fascia and soffit and how they can help with installation or replacements.