Types Of Roof Flashings And Why They’re Needed

Posted By admin on Oct 31, 2017 |

Types Of Roof Flashings And Why They’re Needed

Unless you work on roofs frequently, you may have never heard of roof flashings and may not know what they’re used for and why they’re necessary. Flashing is needed to direct the water flow around any openings in the home, such as vents, skylights, and windows. Without them, water can seep into the walls and roof, causing damage, creating mould and other problems. If you’re currently building a new home or want to remodel the outside of one, you should consider your options carefully to ensure that you remain safe from water damage.


Flashing can be made from various materials, including composite, plastic and sheet metal. While sheet metal is more durable, it is also more expensive. Stainless steel and copper can also be used. While plastic options are available and are less expensive, they can wear quickly if the parts are exposed to sunlight.

Dormer Options

For dormer windows, metal is usually the flashing of choice. The squares are placed between each row of the material or used as a strip to run under the material and around the dormer.


If you’re thinking of adding a skylight to your home, roof flashings are a necessity. Skylights can give you more natural lighting, but they can be detrimental if not placed properly or flashed correctly. Generally, the flashing is a continuous piece around the skylight, and the window itself will be raised to allow enough room for the roof flashings.


Ventilation is a necessity for various parts of the home, including kitchens and bathrooms. If you’ve got currently installed vents, the flashing may need to be altered. If you’re adding new vents, extra work may be required to ensure that there is enough space for the vent and the flashing material.