Understanding The Function Of A London Performance Coach

Posted By Albino Alameda on Jun 8, 2023 |

Understanding The Function Of A London Performance Coach

Coaching is one of many tools top companies in London use to help to develop their workforce talent, to improve leadership and to create a culture of competence and teamwork throughout their business.

A performance coach is typically an external coach, or someone not an employee of the company. This trained individual comes into the company to work in a one-on-one setting with a selected employee or several selected employees.

The Role of the Coach

It is not uncommon to find people have misunderstandings about the role of the performance coach. Some people assume the coach is a consultant and will assess and evaluate the situation and tell the client what he or she needs to do. Other people may assume coaching is more like mentoring, where the coach will step the professional through their day to day tasks, providing suggestions and feedback.

Authentic coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client. The coach, working from a model or a framework of growth, will challenge the client to look more closely at their choices, decisions, and goals. He or she will help the client to make changes for increased performance, better leadership skills, more confidence in their goal and how they see themselves within the business.

The Benefits

Employees, managers and corporate leaders in London will find true value in working with a performance coach. The coach will work with the client to develop a strong professional sense, creating choices and options, and in bringing value and potential into the workplace.

Through the Thrive Future coaching experience, the client develops a better understanding of his or herself, as well as the potential they offer to the company. They also develop skills to help them to achieve this potential, all done through a confidential and highly supportive coaching experience. Thrive Future offers companies the option to work with a highly trained, experienced performance coach familiar with your industry.

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