UPVC Windows In Southampton Offer Many Benefits

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Doors and Windows

If you are like most people, you have heard of UPVC windows in Southampton, because they are becoming increasingly popular. If you look closely, you can probably find them in your neighbourhood. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is a material that is used in many instances, such as a window, doors, guttering and pipes. Frames with this material usually have a galvanised steel core, which makes it stronger than other materials. There are also many other benefits to using this option.


Most homes in Southampton have wooden window frames, which can swell in hot or damp weather. The constant swelling and damp can lead to them rotting out, which can make them weaker, let in rain, and could cause the window to fall out of the frame. If you notice the wood rotting, you may want to look into UPVC, which are weatherproof and storm proof. The damp won’t be able to penetrate the surfaces and it is non-corrosive, as well. Therefore, the frame will not rust or become weaker with age.

Energy Savings

These window options, especially those that have also been double glazed, will provide more insulation, which can help save you money on the energy bill each month. However, you aren’t likely to notice a savings immediately, and it is considered a long-term investment. These window options can become expensive, but then you can start saving up to 40 percent on your energy bills.

Extra Security

These windows can also provide extra protection, especially if they have been double glazed. With double-glazing, you will have two sheets of glass with a small gap in the middle. This gap is filled with dense gas or vacuum-sealed. However, if a potential burglar were to smash in the outside glass, they would still be required to break another sheet of glass before entering the home.

Stylish Home

If you want to achieve a stylish home that neighbours will appreciate, UPVC options can help, because they come in various sizes, styles and colours. While traditional window options were white or wood, you can have almost any colour or style you prefer, making it a very versatile option, which offers so many other helpful benefits. Options can include sash, French, casement and other window styles, which can ensure that you have a home that fits your décor and lifestyle.

UPVC windows in Southampton could help keep out the weather, save money on energy and provide more security to the home. Visit ABCO Window & Glazing Specialists to learn more or to contact them.

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