Useful Scaffolding Accessories

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Scaffolds, Tools and Equipments

Scaffolding can be rented or hired by a contractor in your area if you are a homeowner who needs to repair your roof or ceiling. It makes it much safer for you make these repairs as it keeps you on an elevated level without risk of falling. You can also keep your tools and accessories with you as opposed to having to climb down every single time you need something. Here are some accessories for scaffolding that you may want to consider for your next hire.

Tube and Clamp System

A tube and clamp system tends to function like elbow pipes. They are connectors that are traditionally used when you need to change the direction of the pipes that you are putting in. They come with right angles shaped right into them, which makes them easy to attach to the scaffolding. You can use these around any type of obstruction during the construction process. It stays completely level and makes it easy for you to use.


Trestles are much like saw horses except that they will fit on one side of your scaffolding unit. They are shaped like a frame and come with one tube to place in the scaffolding. This provides you with the additional room that you may need while working on your project. You can place some of the tools and materials that you are using in the trestle which makes it much more convenient. It seems like something simple, but this simple accessory can make a big difference when you are pressed for time and money.

Check-It Scaffold Services provides specialist scaffolding in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. You do not have to do these repairs on your own. It is always best to hire a professional to take care of these types of home repairs.

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