What Are Dental Implants In Cheshire?

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What Are Dental Implants In Cheshire?

Most people that have experienced tooth loss have realised the implications, but most don’t understand that there are other options than just dentures. Dental implants in Cheshire are also available, and can restore your mouth in a way that dentures can’t. However, if you are unfamiliar with them, you may not understand what they are or how they’re used.

What They Are

A dental implant is a surgical procedure used to place a metal post into the mouth. Once the post is in, a faux tooth can be made to screw onto the implant, allowing you to look like you have a full set of real teeth. They are an excellent way to reduce the look and problems found with tooth loss and feel more natural than dentures.

Dental Specialist

Your dental specialist will be able to handle the implant procedure and in most cases, general dentists cannot perform this work. While some have taken the time for training, most prefer to refer you to a specialist that can help. The specialist will only handle the implant procedure. Everything else that must be done, such as cleanings, will be provided by your general dentist. This allows the specialist the time and energy required to do his job.


Most people’s worry comes from not understanding the process, but it is a relatively easy procedure. However, it is considered surgery, so it has a few risks associated with it. On your first visit, you will have an examination and will use that time to discuss your expectations and hopes for the implant dentistry. Sometimes, study models and photographs are required, along with radiographs. A CT scan will also be arranged for you, and then your practitioner and yourself will receive the reports.

After a week, the implants in Cheshire will be placed. Once they are in place, you will rest for a period to allow them to integrate with your mouth. Afterwards, the restoration phase will begin when the faux tooth is placed on the post.


In most cases, a dentist must take a specialised year course and then receive their Diploma in Dental Implantology before being allowed to place an implant.


It is important that the implant dentist you choose has the experience necessary to do the job right, so make sure they have been doing the procedure for at least five years.

Implants in Cheshire are an alternative option to dentures for tooth loss. Contact Westgate Dental Practice today to learn more about the procedure and how they can help you restore your beautiful smile.