What Does an Employment Law Solicitor in Portsmouth Do?

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Lawyers

An employment law solicitor in Portsmouth can be your greatest advocate whether you are an employee or an employer. They provide you with the legal expertise you need to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are moving within the scope of the law.

Who Can They Help?

Whether you are an employee or an employer the right employment law solicitor in Portsmouth can provide you with the help you need when you need it, to better deal with an employment situation. For employees they can stand up for you in a wide range of circumstances like:

* Employment contracts

* Unfair practices, like unfair dismissal, discrimination

* Bullying in the workplace

* And more

They can also help employers with:

* Human resource consultancy

* Employment contracts

* Guidance when it comes to employment

If more people on both sides of employment sought the help of a seasoned employment law solicitor, there would be less reason for employment tribunals and court actions. A seasoned professional that is expert in employment law can help employment matters run smoother with less violation of the law. A solicitor can help both parties ensure that they have the protection that they need within the limits of the law.

They are Experts

Solicitors that specialize in this area of the law are experts in employment law. They can provide up to the minute valuable advice because they stay abreast of any changes, new laws and cases that are being heard in court. They are the professionals to seek out before you sign your employment contract as an employee and before you draw up an employment contract as an employer, to help avoid problems down the line. Of course, they are also the professionals you consult when you are having problems. AC Employment Solicitors Limited is the solicitors you want to consult with.

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