What Is Dry Rot and How Can You Spot It?

Posted By admin on Feb 8, 2017 |

What Is Dry Rot and How Can You Spot It?

When people think about dry rot they typically are talking about a fungus that develops when damp wood is exposed to too much moisture. The wet wood will make a home for the fungus and these spores can grow at a great speed, which can start destroying the wood frame of your home, patio or other outdoor constructions. If you are wondering how you can spot wood rot that is simple. You want to look for wood that is damaged, and this can be found where dampness is either collecting continually or draining off of something frequently. Also another sign of dry rot is the smell of mushrooms. If you have noticed any of these signs you want to find a specialist that can help you get rid of your dry rot problem. You can find professional contractors that provide a service of dry rot in Glasgow.

Why You Should Select Expert Contractors to Solve Your Dry Rot Issue

There are several reasons why you should select expert contractors to solve your dry rot issue. These contractors are skilled surveyors and have the expertise in this line of work. The treatment that professionals use is safe and guaranteed to resolve any dry rot problem you may have. You will have a team of expert contractors arrive at your home and they will discuss with you the procedures that will done.

Specialists Will Proceed to Do the Following:

* Accurately Identify the Dry Rot Fungus

* Identify the Source of Moisture that Caused the Dry Rot

* Detail a Tailored Specification to Deal with the Dry Rot

* Experts will Strip Out Property Fabrics Including Plaster and Wood that Has Been Damaged by Dry Rot

* Replace Timber that Had to be Removed

* Fungicidal Treatment Done Safely to Timber and Masonry in Affected Areas

* All Fabrics Will be Reinstated to Leave Your Home Ready for Decoration

Professionals Will Exceed Your Expectations

When you choose to hire the services of professional contractors they will exceed your expectations. They take their job seriously and want you to be satisfied and trust the work they do for you in resolving your dry rot problem. Experts also offer a guarantee on their dry rot treatment so you will not have to worry about having this problem arise again for a long time.

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