What is the difference between retirement apartments and nursing homes?

by | May 24, 2016 | Assisted Living Facility

Over the past decade or two, the elderly population has risen significantly around the world. As a result, retirement homes and nursing homes have had to expand their services to meet the diverse range of needs of the elderly. Most people would rather refrain from living in a nursing home if it all possible, so retirement apartments in Devon have become a great alternative. You can get the care that you need and assistance with your daily living tasks, while living in an environment that feels just like home. Although they have some similarities to nursing homes, they are in fact quite different in many ways.

Independent living

The main objective of living in a retirement apartment is to live independently as much as possible, but with added assistance from medically trained professionals. Many nursing homes will provide 24/7 care for occupants and this can be invasive for some people. This has made many people hesitant to move into nursing homes. Retirement apartments come fully furnished with a functioning kitchen to allow people to live independently. Occupants can also sign a short or long-term lease allowing them the freedom of moving out whenever they choose to do so.

Front door service

For people who want to access the services offered by their retirement home, they can easily request various front door services. Special dietary meals can be made and delivered to their doorstep upon request. Also, daily tasks like laundry can be taken care by an internal laundry service to allow more free time for occupants. On-call hairdressers are also available for people who are sick and confined to their homes. With these services readily available for occupants, they can easily choose what they need to be done and what they can do themselves.

Medical care

Support services are always available for occupants as well to give them peace of mind. Taking care of their health is always a top priority in a retirement home. To keep themselves healthy, an on-call doctor or nurse can easily come to their front door to provide any medical assistance that is needed. Instead of a 24/7 watch over them, they can monitor their own health and access the medical support at any time. While professionals in charge at these facilities cannot provide the same level of care as a nursing home can, they can still obtain the help that their residents need very quickly.

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