What makes EPDM a Universal Roofing Material?

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Roofing

Every home owner understands the value of choosing a roofing system that meets their current and future needs. Except during roof replacement, homeowners rarely change their roofs so you need to get the right roof during installation. The decision on the type of roof that you chose is determined by the cost of the roof, your preference and the benefits of the roofing type. EPDM rubber roofing in Weston Super Mare is one of the most sought after roofing due to its mind-blowing features and benefits.

Strong and Resilient to all Climates and Locations

Snow, rain, sunshine, hail, and sleet can take a toll on different roofing materials. Epdm is different in that it is not affected by any element: the roof is strong. Most roofs crack or shatter during cold temperatures but EPDM remains flexible. Believe it or not, the material does not get damaged even during or after structural movements. Dark coloured EPDM roofing material can be used in cold places as it absorbs sunlight thus keeping the premises warmer. The white roofing materials are good for hot places so that they can reflect heat to create lower temperatures in the premises.

Longevity Accrued from Quality Material

EPDM roofs can last for as long as 30 years. For it to last that long, you must be faithful in maintenance service. You should also ensure that you hire a professional installer to install the roof for you. Anytime the roof develops any problem, make sure you repair it as soon as possible so that the problem does not advance. EPDM does not have complicated repair although you need to be careful about any roofing problem. Some roofing maintenance service activities include reattaching the membrane, restoring displaced ballast and checking penetration though the roof sections. If you are looking for EPDM rubber roofing, contact professionals at Aquagard Roofing Solutions for help and any questions you might need to have answered.

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