What to Remember When Buying Floor Screed in Bradford

Posted By admin on Oct 1, 2015 |

What to Remember When Buying Floor Screed in Bradford

Are you aware of the differences between concrete and screed? These are two very different types of building materials that are widely used around the world for big and small construction jobs. Despite the fact that screed is made with concrete, its purpose is quite different. Whilst concrete is a blend of cement paste and aggregates, screed is used to smoothen out the floor and strengthen it to withstand harsh weather and traffic, whatever its intended use may be. The consistency of the mix can differ, depending on what it is being applied to. This is why you ought to remember a few things ahead of applying it to underfloor heating, concrete flooring or ground slabs.

The Quality Control Standards

Don’t ignore the importance of finding a supplier that adheres to quality control standards, because this will prove just how serious they are about their job. When floor screed in Bradford is mixed in a factory, you won’t be able to witness the process. To ease your mind, contact the supplier beforehand to discover what quality control standards are put into place. By doing so, you can feel confident that a level finish will be achieved. Good quality screed will be necessary whether the project involves concealing underfloor heating pipes or smoothing out the surface of a concrete path, so don’t cut corners when finding a supplier.

The Thickness

At the very beginning of the design process you should specify what depth of screed you require, as well as the type of floor screed in Bradford. The thickness will depend on the floor’s load requirements, so request that the supplier inspect the floor ahead of the job commencing. Nowadays, there are three main types of screed used for both commercial and domestic projects. These are fully bonded screeds, partially bonded screeds and un-bonded screeds. If you have limited time, opt for fast-drying or fast-set screed. You can click here to get more information.

The Bonding

A trowel or a tool called a power float will be used to finish the floor screed, after it is applied with a plastic or wooden float. The float should have a straight edge, so that a level surface can be achieved. Moisture control must be monitored to ensure there are no leaks when the floor screed in Bradford is applied. The floor must also be well-structured, and so you can expect the floor screed supplier to inspect the area beforehand.

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