What Type of Skip Hire in Didcot Do You Need?

Posted By admin on Mar 14, 2018 |

What Type of Skip Hire in Didcot Do You Need?

You could be wanting a skip hire in Didcot for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you’re an individual, simply cleaning up your property, or you’re a construction company, with a long commitment ahead of you and you need a way to deal with waste. Skips can be hired for any size job, but there are a lot of different possibilities when you hire a skip. Make sure you know what is out there in terms of skips and be sure that you hire the proper one.

Mini Skip

A mini skip is generally the smallest skip available. It has a capacity of around 2 cubic yards, which means that it can fit in the area of 20 bin bags before it needs to be emptied. This is the type of skip you might hire if you have a personal project like a big house cleaning or yard work.

Midi Skip

Approximately twice as big as a Mini Skip would be a Midi skip, around 4 cubic yards, and can fit up to 40 bin bags. Still generally used for individual purposes, this is the type of rubbish removal you would need for a decent sized addition or remodelling project on your home.

Maxi Skip

The largest of the smaller options, a Maxi Skip is again twice as large as a Midi Skip. At 8 cubic yards, it is likely the largest that any personal use might need and is getting into the sizes that companies and contractors might need to use to deal with rubbish removal.

12-14 Yard Skips

At the largest sizes of regular skips come the 12 and 14-yard skips. This is a standard use skip for construction projects and consistent removal at residential complexes. At the top sizes, these skips are capable of accommodating a little over 100 bin bags. Some 12 to 14-yard skips are also enclosed, to prevent wind blowing things away or animals getting in.

Roll-on Roll-off

At much larger sizes come the roll-on, roll-off variety. These are between 20-40 cubic yards and can deal with literal tons of waste. This is often used for larger building materials that need to be disposed of, woods, metals, and other significant materials. Click here to get more information.

If you’re looking for a skip hire in Didcot, make sure that you’re hiring the proper skip for the type of job you need to do. Too little won’t do you any good, and too much would be a waste. Visit usĀ  for more information.